My sex talk

Hey, How was it for you? Was it cool or did you cringe with embarrassment? Perhaps you had to learn about what sex was another way.

Whatever, we want to know….

Post a video of yourself here, giving us your experience – We’ll edit it and mount it on the site. Just use the attachment button and give us a short description to get the video file uploaded. We’re not fussy about language either – If you’re more comfortable talking in Swahili, use Swahili – If you can give us a translation for the subtitles, that’d be great too.

Oh and remember that what you post here belongs to you (you retain the copyright), but by posting you give us  the right to edit it, publish it,  and promote it wherever we want. So if you’re not cool with that don’t do it….otherwise get on it! We want your SEX TALK!