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Dar Dowling – Director & Producer

Dar is always looking for a new adventure,having begun her career as a journalist, writer and visual artist over a decade ago, along with founding a media branding company. Filmmaking is the next evolution in her artistic expansion, which included directing and producing Hey Mom, What’s Sex, her first documentary. She says it’s a beautiful experiment gone right. Why did she make it? Film making has called to her for quite some time, so she wrote a feature film, wanted to know what I was like to actually make a movie, so she decided to make a documentary. And she found out that she loved filmmaking. Now there is no looking back, she has launched DarMa productions, which is gearing up to produce her next doc and a badass feature…stay tuned.

Ricardo Madan – Editor & Producer

Ricardo has a passion for storytelling in all its forms, whether using a sketch pad, editing equipment, or a camera. During his career he has worked in every phase of the production process, from conception and development to shooting and editing videos and films of all kinds. He has worked with Gold Crest Films on post-production for a variety of projects including Carol, Still Alice, and Meru, as well as series airing on MTV. Ricardo is also man behind StoryLauch Pad.

Film Synopsis

Hey Mom, Whats Sex? asks a simple question over and over again – did you ever have that sex talk with your mom? And if you did, what was it like? Each story hits a different note. Some are beautiful or poignant; others sad or embarrassing, and a few are shocking or downright hilarious depending upon how you look at it. But wait, what if you didn’t have the talk? Well, we decided to include these too, because sometimes not having the talk was just as interesting, heartfelt or provocative as having one.The stories touch on everything from body shame, religious fundamentalism and porn to coming out, masturbation, and pregnancy. We shot one and done gorilla style in the Streets of NYC, which very much became a character in the film. In the process we captured 28 stories, told in just under 40 minutes – all of them raw, unapologetic, and oh so very real. So, did you have that sex talk with your mom?